Recycling Your Plastic Packaging

Recycling has gained popularity over the past few years because of societies will to become a greener, healthier planet. By recycling your plastic packaging, you...


Plastic Packaging Designs

Since the day I can remember opening Christmas presents with my family, I can remember trying to tear through a variety of plastic packaging before...

All packaging materials must meet regulatory requirements to ensure customers that nothing will damage their fragile package or leak on it. Plastic packaging just so happens to meet all of the regulatory requirements, while still presenting a number of other great benefits including carrying capacity, food safety and durability. Because of these three key benefits, plastic packaging has become very popular in restaurants, shipping facilities and retail stores.

Carrying Capacity

Although a plastic bag may not look like the queen of all shopping bags, they certainly can hold a higher number of items than other grocery bags such as paper. Because of the ability to stretch, mold and extrude plastic, it makes plastic bags one of the most beneficial shopping items. Although others prefer natural paper bags over plastic, plastic still wins the durability and carrying capacity award.

Food Safety

Plastic is an excellent food packaging material as it stores food properly while protecting it from bacterias and moisture in the air. The benefit of using plastic for food storage is that it comes in many different styles including a plastic wrap and plastic containers with lids. Both of which are extremely durable and efficient.


Plastic is an extremely durable material and can be used multiple times before it is thrown away to be recycled. Because of the great durability plastic holds, it is used around the world for packaging of food, toys, clothes, electronics and thousands of other items that need durable packaging to keep them safe upon arrival. Although plastic can be torn and cracked, it cannot be done unless someone is forcing the break or tear, or if an accident occurs during the packaging process. The normal wear and tear from traveling (which is very light)is not something that would produce any type of damage to a products plastic packaging.